Joint Monitoring Framework for food standards and companies with sourcing rules in Europe and beyond. Robust systematic approach to monitor the biodiversity performance of certified farms and farms of the companies supply chain. Two levels of monitoring:

  • Level 1: System wide monitoring. Data collected for every certified farm /supplying farm through certification applications (e.g. information self-reported by producers), audits and/or the Biodiversity Performance Tool. Collection and evaluation of 25 indicators with relevance for improving potential for biodiversity (e.g. habitat creation) and reducing negative impacts on biodiversity (e.g. reduction of chemical pesticides and fertilizers).

  • Level 2: In-depth sampled monitoring beyond the scope of the certification audit by data generated on selected farms (different geographical settings, different type of crops). Monitoring of few key indicator species. Every 3 – 5 years. Level 2 monitoring will be available in summer 2021.

The evaluation of the monitoring results will contribute to improve standard criteria and sourcing rules, identify regional and thematic challenges and – hopefully – lead to joint actions, facilitate information for fact based reporting and communication. Overall, monitoring will show the continuous improvement of biodiversity performance of certified farms and farms of a supply chain.